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I’ve been kinda exhausted to be updating my own blog, but… I’m just gonna leave this link right here.

Favorite DC Couples’ Tournament Round 2 Canon Match


The winners of yesterday’s matches were Superman/Lois Lane and Kate Kane and Renee Montoya both by wide margins.

Here are today’s matches:


Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor



Wally West/Flash and Linda Park-West




Sue and Ralph Dibny/Elongated Man



Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown


Anonymous asked: come back and walk us through the new (and distressing) JL #12! you're one of the few pro-steve bloggers and the rest of us need you!

Honestly? I skipped it. I looked at the cover and the press and went “Huih, guess they aren’t going to be doing the romance story I’m interested in.” So I figured I would save some money until they get done with this silliness.

(And Steve is in the continuity now, even if they decided he was dead eventually someone would bring him back. I mean, we counted it up on Twitter. He’s died and come back 11 times in-continuity since the Golden Age. The only way to get rid of him was the aging off they just reversed.)

Then a good friend and a Lois fan linked this video, and I suspect the issue may be more interesting to me than I thought:

Either way, Superman and WW together just seems like a meeting of the scared lonely-hearts who are frightened to be with their regular love interests. The first 11 issues of Justice League reinforce that Diana was freaked out at the idea a mortal lover would get hurt, and a lot of Action Comics and Superman reinforced that his happy ending was a lifetime with Lois Lane. And “Oh, dear I’ll hurt you” is a common problem he thinks with her.

So, I could shell out a couple bucks on Justice League #12, which I’ve seen in Elseworlds and which constantly comes down to “None of my enemies could hurt you, so you’re the safest person to marry” and not any substantial basis for love… which isn’t very interesting to read and again, I’ve seen it before.

I could rant and rave and comment on it, but really.. I’ve been saying this stuff for years and this was my “This is the stupidest thing DC could do” moment anyway.

Or I could spend the last few weeks watching Breaking Bad, secure in the faith that Justice League #12 an extremely boring turn of events and it can’t really be sustained for terribly long. Even if Steve and Lois don’t get brought in immediately after a breakup, Superman and Wonder Woman as a romance can be mined for well… one story. “We’re afraid to take the plunge with anyone who’s not invulnerable.”

So either it’ll be over soon, or it won’t be worth spending money on.

And that’s really my take on this whole mess. I don’t want to dedicate a tumblr to complaining about it, and while I’m not totally retiring this concern… I am extending the hiatus to when I can pick up on good Steve stuff again. (Who knows, maybe this WW’s-version-of-Smallville project Heinberg is working on will have him.)

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Team 7

So today a friend tweeted me asking if Steve was going to be taken off of Justice League. Now, I’ve been expecting him to get moved to Wonder Woman as soon as Johns is done with him and Azzarello’s ready for him so I wasn’t alarmed, but she went on to ask if he was going to be made into a villain.

She was worried because they announced that Steve, Dinah Lance, and Amanda Waller would be on Team 7, that would fight Superman.

Which to be honest sounded cool as hell to me. I mean, in the first two things they established about Steve Trevor in Justice League #2 were that he was connected to Wonder Woman and he didn’t get along with Amanda Waller. I would LOVE to see the two on a team together!

Turns out it’s a prequel and we’re going to get that backstory they’ve been teasing in Justice League and probably the new Black Canary origin. CBR:

And finally, “Team Seven” continues the merging of DC and WildStorm as writer Justin Jordan and artist Jesus Merino tell a tale of the earlier days of the DCU through a team that includes Dinah Lance, Amanda Waller, Steve Trevor, John Lynch, Alex Fairchild, Cole Cash and Slade Wilson.

The backmatter in Justice League #2 tells us that Steve came back with Diana, and Amanda Waller grilled him about whether the Amazons were a threat. THEN she starts bringing up stuff like aliens and Atlantis, and he is completely confused. So, it looks like this will be set after he was brought back to the US by Wonder Woman.

It is perfectly reasonable that after the initial story arcs in Action Comics and Justice League there would be some people in the government (*cough*GeneralLane*cough*) that still consider Superman a potential threat. Putting that dude who is in love with Wonder Woman on that team might not be the smartest idea, but hey, as long as they aren’t after her they might consider his experiences an asset.

Also, the use of Wilson here is intriguing in light of his role in season 10 of Smallville

Of course, all we know about Team 7 from Justice League is Steve does not want to talk about them in front of Congress (Justice League #8) and they were very likely the group that recovered Pandora’s box. (The FCBD special) And maybe some stuff that’s been dropped in the other 4 series but I didn’t catch any of them.

The lineup looks interesting as hell. In addition to Steve we Black Canary, the Wall, and Deathstroke from the DC side, Grifter and two of the Wildstorm Team 7 chars from the Wildstorm side. And we already know at least one of them becomes a villain, two become anti-heroes, and one becomes a regular hero. I think we can predict from old Wildstorm stuff what ends up happening to Lynch and Alex Fairchild, but they might switch things up. Even knowing how things ended in the WS book and how the DCU characters are in the present, just watching these people interact and how working together turns them into the people they are could be very interesting.

Narrator: Hey, that’s the name of the blog.

Okay, I’ve had a busy couple months, spending April arguing with Superman/Wonder Woman fans (who are just bafflingly pleased with the franchise changes right now) and May on vacation, but I will start this blog up again.

It was just a little bit of fun with old comics at first but then he popped back up in the modern stuff.  I don’t have a ton of modern material, but I have more than I expected.  Still no Wonder Woman sightings since that little hospital bit in the JMS run.  But he’s pretty much the leading character in Justice League at the moment and with  Ame-Comi Girls we have the first WW AU I’ve seen since The Blue Amazon that uses him.  (He is adorable in that and drawn by Amanda Connor.)

And I am surprisingly pleased by Justice League, it’s like Johns took the three main versions of Steve from pre-Crisis, emphasized the common elements, threw away the annoying bits, and kept the slightly different traits as surfacing depending on the social situation.

The reviews I’ve seen mostly love him and this take seems to have made even the hardcore Steve haters quiet.

So, sorry for neglecting this blog so badly, especially now.

In the meantime, this entire scene from Justice League Dark #9 (J. Lemire and M. Janin) is pretty freaking amusing.  Of course, watching any character talk to John Constantine is rather amusing.

I know of four characters that are established as able to pilot a jet in the Silver Age: Hal Jordan (Green Lantern), Carol Ferris (Star Sapphire), Steve Trevor, and Wonder Woman (I don’t think she’s shown flying a jet in the Diana Prince identity until the 80s, though).

Of these four, only Wonder Woman has never crashed an aircraft. (I’m counting Green Lantern #16 for Carol, and we all know that the boys are competing for a record.)

Wonder Woman #103 (Kanigher and Andru/Esposito)

(And if anyone can challenge that, reblog picture this with a scan of that Invisible Jet crashing in the Silver Age while Diana’s at the controls.)


because of course she will, that’s why. shut up.


Wonder Woman #174 (Kanigher and Andru)

This is just one of my favorite Wonder Woman feats. It’s so fairy tale.

Wonder Woman #102 (Kanigher and Andru/Esposito)


Action 761.

I’m not thrilled with the New 52 but I am happy it looks like Steve Trevor is making a return to his rightful role as Diana’s love. 

I’ve always felt he was sidelined because people couldn’t fathom a man with a woman physically stronger than he was.   Hope times have changed enough to move past that!

I’ve never liked the Wonder Woman/Superman pairing because of what it does to Diana.  His soulmate is Lois, as even Diana knows, so she ends up always fighting that ghost.  Besides, she ends up with him why?  Because he is physically superior? The man must be stronger?  Why?

There are other types of strength.   Go. Steve Trevor. Go!

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